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Data & story sharing

For 'Held in common' - and beyond!

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Polly is collaborating with The Network, Bristol  to create Held In Common - a podcast celebrating the stories that are held in our communities, in our common knowledge, in our folk histories and our everydays. It seeks to bring together diverse voices to celebrate all that we have, and hold, in common.

If you contribute to the podcast, you have a right to know how we will store your data and your story - and how it will be shared. Here are the details:

How will my story be shared and how will my data be stored?
By sending your story to us, you are consenting to its being shared on the podcast and repeated on Bristol Community Radio. You are also consenting to your details being held on Polly’s Network WhatsApp account and being shared with The Network team, so that they can contact you in relation to your story and the podcast. Your details will not be passed on to any third party and we will not contact you, except to discuss your story or the podcast.
Will my story be changed?
Where necessary your story may be edited to reduce its length but we will work hard to ensure the meaning of your story is not changed by this editing process. 
Please note: we will try to use everybody's story wherever possible but occasionally may not be able to do so if the sound quality is too poor or we are overwhelmed by contributions.
After you have sent your story to us, we may contact you to ask if you’d be happy for your story to be shared in a written form in Up Our Street or Vocalise magazines or other local publications. If you agree, we will work with you to shape your story into a written form. We will not publish your story in written form without your consent.
What do I do if I no longer want my story to be shared? 
If you send your story to us but then decide you do not want it to be shared that is OK.  You can withdraw your story by sending us a WhatsApp message stating WITHDRAW. To ensure we are able to withdraw your story in time before the episode is complete, please send this message no later than the advertised submission deadline for the episode you have contributed to.
If you wish to withdraw your story after that time, please call Polly on 07545 557001.
Thank you for contributing to Held in Common! We hope you enjoy the podcast.
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