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Created as part of a Leverhulme Arts Scholarship at the egg, Theatre Royal Bath, Curious Tales brought Polly together with designer Edwina Bridgeman and creative producer, Lou Betts, to explore immersive theatre for early years audiences.

The trio created a series of performances and installations rooted in traditional narratives, seasonal change and imaginative play. Young audiences were welcomed into immersive environments where they participated in the telling of a magical tale and were invited to explore and interact with the space in their own way - playing in the world of the story and finding their own power to change it.


Polly, Edwina and Lou were particularly interested in the invitation for adults and small children to imagine, play and create together. Polly's inspirations for Curious Tales included the Washington DC Children's Museum and the children's adventure playgrounds movement.

Direction by Sarah Argent (The Yellow Thunder Dragon).

Photography by Jack Offord (Silverwing) & Pascal Haering (The Yellow Thunder Dragon).

Click the arrows to explore the Silverwing and Yellow Thunder Dragon galleries.

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