Community Workshops

From libraries to youth centres to mental health settings, Polly has previously worked in a number of contexts to deliver a range of storytelling and theatre workshops with a range of community groups. All of her workshops are available to be adapted to your needs and are available for delivery with participants with mental health issues or learning difficulties. New workshops are also available for commission - please contact Polly to discuss your requirements. View workshop photos or read more about specific workshops below.


Stories for Starters: Introductory Storytelling Workshops for Adults

Originally developed for Walsall Asian Library Users Group, Stories for Starters is a six to eight week storytelling training programme made up of weekly sessions of two hours. The course aims to give adults the basic ingredients they need to find, learn and perform traditional stories. From exploring what we mean by traditional storytelling to selecting, learning and rehearsing traditional stories, the course finishes with participants performing their chosen tales to an invited audience in a final week showcase. The course is available to be tailored to your group and needs. Request more details.

Taking Stories Home: Workshops: Participatory Theatre and Storytelling Workshops with Adults at Mental Health Settings

Originally developed by Polly Tisdall and Olivia Zetterstrom-Sharp for Telford Mind Well-being Centre, Taking Stories Home workshops work with participants as individuals - taking their existing interests as a starting point and introducing theatre and storytelling games as a means to develop confidence and self-esteem and increase trust. Previous activities have included planting memories in pots with seedlings, working with costume to create characters, story-making and improvisation. Workshops are best delivered over a number of weeks to allow participants to develop to their full potential and are necessarily tailored to specific participant and group needs. Request more details or read more about the original Taking Stories Home project.​

Lighting the Fire: Young People as Storytellers 

Originally developed for The Traditional Arts Team and with young people at All Saints Youth Centre, Kings Heath as part of the Young Storyteller of the Year Young Tongues Project 2012.

Through practical exercises, voice work and exploration of the stories that surround us in our everyday lives, Lighting the Fire introduces young people aged 12-18 to the art of storytelling and supports them to become storytellers in their own right - from identifying stories that they want to tell, right through learning and rehearsing the story, all the way up to public performance. The course is necessarily flexible to suit different learning styles, group needs, and your requirements. It is most effective as an intensive project.

Request more details.

Shout Out: Theatre and Storytelling with People with Learning Difficulties

Originally developed for Mixit Stage Schools, these varied workshops work with participants to explore drama games and skills, storytelling and creative story-making. The workshops are extremely flexible and designed to be tailored to individual and group needs. Previous activities have included improvisation, costume and mask making, playwriting, movement to music and singing. Some sessions have worked towards performance. The workshops are best delivered over a number of weeks to enable participants to develop to their full potential. Request more details.