One-to-One Directing and Story Coaching

Polly offers individual and small group coaching sessions in storytelling, public speaking skills and monologue delivery. Sessions are highly individual and tailored to your needs and objectives. You may be a professional storyteller seeking a sounding board for your work, an actor or spoken word artist seeking a director or a post graduate researcher wanting to improve your presentation skills.

Whatever your background, if you think you would benefit from working with a story coach and would like to find out more, contact Polly to arrange a free initial session to discuss your ideas.


What sort of things can a director or story coach help with?

Examples of One-to-One sessions include:

Storytelling for Confidence: Do you want to be able to speak confidently in groups of people? Do you want to feel comfortable telling jokes to friends or speaking up in class? Work with Polly to build your confidence in speaking in groups, engaging your listeners and saying what you want to say.

Storytelling for Academics: Do you want to engage students? Give a great lecture? Get people talking about your research? Learn how to use storytelling skills to structure and deliver your presentations and enthuse others about your field of study.

Directing for Storytellers, Spoken Word Artists and Actors: Performance artists need an audience. Word smiths need listeners. Sometimes you just need an outside eye or an outside ear to give you some feedback. Sometimes your words are ready but you've no idea how to put them on their feet. Sometimes you have a brilliant idea for a full blown show but you need someone to help you to make it happen. Work with Polly to develop your raw material; to sound it out and shape it up.