Schools Workshops

Polly has previously delivered a range of schools workshops - from  sensory storytelling workshops for nursery age children to drama and storytelling workshops exploring the life of Nelson Mandela for Year Six. View workshop photos or read more about individual schools workshops below.

Tasting the Gingerbread Man: Sensory Storytelling for Nursery

Developed in association with Workshops for Schools (WFS) for Welford Nursery for Book Week 2012.

Run, run as fast as you can,
Let's try and get a taste of the gingerbread man!

Tasting the Gingerbread Man works with nursery rhymes and the five senses to engage children in books and storytelling. Incorporating smells, textures, paper puppets and a big, deep blue sea, the workshop helps children to work with shapes and words and splash, play and sing their way into this classic story. Request more details.

Magic Carpet Storytelling Sessions: Interactive Storytelling for Years 1 and 2
Developed for Harborne Primary School for Magic Carpet afternoons 2011-12

Close your eyes, hold on tight and blow with all your might! Take a trip on our magic carpet and visit stories from all over the world. Using imaginative play, Magic Carpet Storytelling Sessions invite children to step into different cultures and explore what it feels like to be a lazy little boy called Koala who just won't go and get his own water. Or a wonderful chef called Ali who is in trouble with a very picky king. Or a big strong lady called Unanana who builds her house on the animals' road into the bush...
Request more details.

The Great Olympic Story Journey: Interactive Storytelling and Drama for Years 2 and 3

Developed in association with Workshops for Schools for Nechells Summer POD 2011/2012

We have found a time capsule! It’s full of pictures and words, smells and textures – where could it be from?  Unpack the capsule and then climb inside to travel back in time to Ancient Greece. Learn about the very first Olympics and the stories behind Olympic traditions – from laurel leaves to the Olympic torch. What should we put into our time capsule for 2012? How will people remember our Olympics in a thousand years time? Children use their senses, imaginations and empathy to connect with the people and places of long ago; and to look at our today from a different perspective. Request more details.

Out of Africa: Kenyan Story Safari and Nelson Mandela: Interactive Storytelling and Drama for Years 4-6

Developed in association with Workshops for Schools for Dickens Heath Primary School

Explore Kenya’s geography and culture on this interactive storytelling journey for years four and five or visit Nelson Mandela’s childhood with year six and listen to the stories that shaped his life as he grew towards adulthood and joined the anti-apartheid movement, endured imprisonment and finally, became President of South Africa. In both of these workshops children use imaginative play to journey to new destinations and role-play characters. Year six children may choose to step into role as Nelson Mandela himself and to explore his decisions at the most crucial points of his life. Request more details.

Lighting the Fire:  Children as Storytellers: Interactive Learning for Primary and Secondary

Available as a half-day or full day workshop or as an extended enrichment programme for schools, Lighting the Fire aims to increase awareness of the stories that exist in and around us in our everyday lives and to re-awaken our natural ability to tell stories; giving participants the basic skills to perform stories in their own words. Children will explore the different types of stories that appear in our everyday lives, share short moments from their own experience, work together to create new stories as a group and listen to and learn traditional stories to tell and take away. Workshops with older children and more extended workshop series will see children create their own storytelling showcase featuring individual performances of traditional tales within an original story, structured by the whole group. The workshop/s can be tailored to a range of ages right through from Year 2 to Year 11. Request more details.