Current Projects

Song for the Land: Stories from Laos / Year of the Dog (Museum of East Asian Art)


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In 2017 Polly travelled to Luang Prabang, Laos to collaborate with local storyteller, Siphai Thammavong and create a new storytelling show combining tales from East and West. Now she tells the story of that journey and the traditional tales and personal demons that they met along the way. Interweaving Lao folklore with personal anecdote, she takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the jungles, foothills and mountains of Laos. From giant spiders to star-crossed lovers to (a few too many) shots of rice whisky, this is the story of what happens when you set out to make a show with a stranger from the other side of the world.



Leverhulme Arts Scholarship 2017-18


Polly was delighted to be named a Leverhulme Arts Scholar on the egg theatre's Incubator programme 2017-18. Collaborating with artist and designer, Edwina Bridgeman and Creative Producer, Lou Betts, she has been busy exploring language, found materials and imaginative play: creating story worlds for early years. 

The programme has led them from giant cardboard landscapes to yellow thunder dragons to the Birkbeck Baby Lab. 


Creative Consultant: Storytelling for Change in Social Care


Polly is working alongside fellow storyteller Hannah Mcdowall, to deliver an innovative programme of storytelling training for colleagues at social care charity, Cornerstone.

As Cornerstone make the move to local, self-organising teams, Polly and Hannah will work with staff across the organisation to enable them to creatively reflect on their experiences, bring creativity and storytelling to the people they support, and capture the journey of the change.

Facilitator: Storytelling for Effective Public Speaking (TORCH, Oxford) & Bath Spa University


Polly is pleased to be continuing her work with The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH) in Oxford, running regular workshops using storytelling and theatre techniques to enable participants to become effective public speakers. This year she was delighted to also be invited to Bath Spa University: working with creative practice researchers on the particular opportunities and challenges of presenting their research.