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In 2017 Polly was delighted to be asked to join a team of Artists, Researchers and Educationalists as part of House of Imagination's signature project, School Without Walls in partnership with the egg theatre, Bath.

The brain child of Bath Spa University research fellow, Dr. Penny Hay, School Without Walls is a radical creative learning approach that challenges current orthodoxies and informs a shift in the culture of learning, placing children' agency and engagement in the arts at the heart of the process. 

Over a 5 week full-time residency at the egg theatre,  a class of year 3 children from St Mary's Primary School in Weston, Bath explored learning from entirely new angles: co-creating their curriculum alongside artists, teachers and mentors.

Polly was delighted to work with the children throughout their residency, co-designing days of exploration with them and their teachers. The class learnt outdoors in Bath Botanical Gardens and Sydney Gardens where the natural environment became a stimulus for the creation of imagined parallel worlds - which posed lots of ethical and political questions! Meanwhile the egg's theatre spaces became classrooms and playgrounds in one, as pupils explored all of the skills and knowledge needed to turn their imagined worlds and stories into theatrical sets and lighting designs. 

Read more about School Without Walls here.

Download the full project report here.

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