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"This will effect every presentation I ever give for the rest of my life. Furthermore, it greatly improved the narrative structure of my thesis."  


Participant, University of Oxford.


Public speaking, whether live in a lecture theatre, online or pre-recorded, has become an important part of the work of most academics. Being able to tell the story of your research in a clear, compelling and memorable way is crucial to a research career and can define the impact your research has in the world.


Unfortunately, there is little space in academic institutions and little time in academic career paths to focus on honing the craft of effective public speaking and creative engaging storytelling - verbal or written.


Since 2012 Polly has been working with researchers at universities across the UK to change that.


Applying approaches and techniques drawn from her award-winning storytelling and theatre work, Polly offers specialised storytelling training courses for researchers at all levels.


Polly’s courses are designed to help you to:


  • Understand your natural skills as a public speaker and storyteller.

  • Build your confidence and learn practical tools to handle nerves.

  • Delve into story structure and explore how you could use it to transform your research story, on the page and on the stage.

  • Learn how to be flexible with your script and connect your material with diverse audiences, on the spot!

  • Step up your skills for meaningful public engagement.

  • Leave a lasting impact.


STORYTELLING FOR RESEARCHERS has previously been delivered for: The University of Oxford, The University of Birmingham, Durham University, Bath Spa University, The University of Bristol and The University of Cambridge.

To discuss sessions for your institution or research group, or to request further information, contact Polly here.

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