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How can you gather high quality qualitative data to capture your project's impact?

How can you give your project participants agency in how their experiences are understood by funders and evaluators?

How can you capture the human value of your work and document it for future learning and project development?

Since 2017 Polly has worked with organisations, charities, community projects and individuals to design and implement ethical story capture processes: from working with residents in inner-city Bristol to help them shape their stories of working with community development teams, to training social care workers as Story Ambassadors who captured stories of large scale organisational change.

Polly can design a programme to help you:

  • Work alongside your participants, staff and stakeholders to creatively map project experiences on their terms.

  • Understand story structure and how to shape compelling stories which truly showcase your impact.

  • Design an ethical and transparent process for gathering and using stories.

  • Create the conditions for creative, empowering and honest storytelling and sharing.

  • Bring out the detail of human experiences and use these to inform your project's future development.

Polly designs her STORYTELLING FOR PROJECT EVALUATION work in conversation with each organisation and individual. 

For more information or to discuss your project contact Polly here.

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