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Polly has been telling ancient stories on stage and directing contemporary theatre since 2011. She has told tales for schools, museums, theatres and national and international festivals and directed work for UK tour.

She was national Young Storyteller of the Year 2011, Resident Director for Oxford Playhouse 2014-15 and Leverhulme Arts Scholar with the egg, Theatre Royal Bath 2017-18. In 2022 she completed her MA in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, including a month’s residency at Shakespeare’s Globe.


Polly delights in sharing the secrets of storytelling and enabling people to identify, craft and present stories that matter to them. She has trained academic researchers for TEDX, coached CEOs for keynote speeches and guided social care workers to become Storytelling Champions.


Polly is currently writing a new play based on the Greek myth of Icarus, telling stories of womanly rage in her new show, GRIZZLY, and devising a ghoulish retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Halloween 2023.


Would you like to feel comfortable speaking to a crowd?

Do you want to speak fluently without a script?

How would it feel to know that you're really connecting with your audience?

Join Polly for two days of practical and playful training exploring STORYTELLING FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING at Bristol Improv Theatre.


Whether you're working on a tricky presentation, looking to pitch a business idea or just want to feel more relaxed telling a tale down the pub, this is the safe rehearsal space you've never had and always wanted.

We'll explore:


  • Your natural storytelling tools and how to use them.

  • Ancient story structures and why they work.

  • How to make use of story and archetypes in your own content.

  • Techniques for relaxing the body and the voice.

  • Tools for memorising material and staying flexible.

  • How to tune into your audience and connect them with your message.

  • Finding your power on stage as a solo speaker.

The weekend is practical, relaxed and lots of fun, with a focus on you and your objectives. Unlike reading a book on public speaking or listening to a lecture, this is a space for you to experience speaking to a group and to play with that experience. You'll be encouraged to recognise your strengths as a speaker and to build on those strengths on your feet, with a supportive audience and expert direction.

Weekend Prices:

£165 (Standard)

£145 (Concession)

£185 (Pay It Forward)

“Absolutely incredible. Polly was so skilled and tailored the  session perfectly to meet our needs

“I learnt a whole new way of thinking about presenting.


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